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Question: Dealing With Schizophrenia — Physical Sickness or Evil Demons?

Anonymous asked:

Hi 🙂 I was told I should come to you with a few questions I have regarding Christianity and schizophrenia.

Is schizophrenia’s source something of spiritual nature that has manifested into the physical? Or is it truly just a physical sickness? In schizophrenia, how can God’s grace and goodness abound? How can a good God allow a sickness like schizophrenia to attack and control those who suffer from it?

As a Christian parent of a child suffering from schizophrenia, what is the right way to pursue it? As physical or spiritual sickness? How can God’s salvation come to those who are so sick with schizophrenia that they are not coherent enough to understand the Gospel and salvation through Christ?

(Made you anonymous just in case, and edited for length.)

I don’t claim to be an expert (I’m a Psych major but that made me dumber, not smarter), but thank you for this very necessary question.  Let’s do a little mind-dance through some thoughts.

We are told in various parts of the Bible that men and women were afflicted with “demons” and “evil spirits.”  A psychologist today might call that schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, paranoid delusions, or any number of modern diagnostic labels.  The psychologist might also say that “primitive people” in an unscientific era had false ideas about mental disorders, attributing germs and sickness and seizures with a demonic origin.

Are we allowed to say that it can be both?

Some might say that demonic oppression or spiritual factors are narrow-minded, but why?  No other culture but the West rejects it out of hand.  And if we’re ruling out spiritual forces altogether, isn’t that actually more close-minded?  I wouldn’t run too far either direction.  An over-fascination is deadly, but total ignorance is fatal.

Any honest sociologist will tell you that we’re running to the end of our physiological spectrum of explanations.  A host of reasons like social/physical/economical factors cannot explain the broadness of psychological abnormalities, and to treat it as ONLY a physically-related problem is really doing a disservice to all the resources we have at our disposal. Some now are even looking back at the spiritual because they know: the worldly textbook answers are not enough.

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