Question: Why I Don’t Give A Crap About Evolution (Or Creationism)

lalypops asked:

What are your thoughts on evolution?

Evolution is a really fascinating topic that absolutely does not fascinate me.  And if people were honest with themselves, it doesn’t fascinate them either. 

I suspect the only reason it gets attention is because it’s used as “ammo” against Creationism, which is a bit like wearing boxing gloves to a UFC match.  In theory it can work, but boxing gloves are used for the single field of boxing.  You see what I did there.

Certainly there is a lot of evidence for evolution, but 1) it’s a theory, as in it’s a theory, and 2) there’s also evidence against it that the “unbiased” scientists gloss over. 

I presume that I risk looking like one of those fundamentalists who deny the obvious truth, and a typical militant atheist will of course never see eye to eye and will predictably jump to hateful ad hominem and helpful Google searches.  Since we know all Google-experts must be right.  But even if a time machine were invented and we got to see evolution in progress with our very own eyes, what does that really change? Like oh no what do we do now man?

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Quote: Being Free

We rationalize ‘sleeping around’ as freedom because we think our body needs this sort of reckless venue for pleasure. But after a while, that’s sort of shallow and superficial. It’s really missing out on the Big Picture. A committed, covenantal promise to be forever faithful to a husband or wife in a stable family unit of sacrifice through every season always leads to the best sex ever. That’s an ocean-deep foundation of nourishing goodness that makes anything else pale in comparison. God wants to give you the real thing, not a cheap imitation. It’s like holding a candle to the sun.

Being free does not mean that you maintain an image to sell yourself to the nearest sexual object to satisfy your flesh for a minute, or to play the paranoid game of ‘I better keep this up or he/she will leave me.’ Being really free in a marriage means you have an unfailing love that is stronger than every hardship in life, stronger than your feelings, and big enough to grow you into God’s glorious vision.

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