Quote: It’s Free

If you think at all that you can abuse God’s forgiveness or you have tried God’s love already, I will counter-back and contend with you that you might not understand then how big God’s love really is. Whatever you think about God’s love — not big enough. It’s too small. God does not look at you and make you the exception to His love. You might say, ‘All these Christians over here, they got it together, God will love them. Me? No, not me. I got the one thing that God cannot understand. I tried to work it out with Him already and I don’t want to abuse His love.’ But God doesn’t look at you and say, ‘I forgive ninety-nine problems but you ain’t one.’ God loves you, and that love that He gives is a gift. You can’t abuse that gift. It’s free. It’s grace.

— from this podcast

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