Question: Studying The Bible For Beginners

Anonymous asked:

What method would you advise a beginner to study the Bible, and also how do I avoid being burnt out?

Hey, I’m excited for you to dive into God’s Word.  You’re in for a ridiculously awesome ride and I’m a little jealous that you get to dig in with fresh new eyes.

Find an awesome Study Bible, try to set a time for study, and shut off all distractions. You can be more fluid, but I personally set my time first thing in the morning, before I check emails or social media or see a single human face because otherwise I’ll get wrapped up in other things down a rabbit trail. I also often read the Bible at night before bed.

I believe that the Bible speaking is the same as God speaking, and you’ll always receive conviction as long as you’re humbling yourself under the Bible instead of standing on top of it (and even then, God could still convict you).  While there might be some things you won’t understand, there will definitely be some things you do totally understand. 

The best thing I can tell you about the harder, more intimidating parts is to find a mature leader to help explain how to read it.  When someone tells you too quickly what it means, that’s not leaving room for you to explore and discover.  Also consider getting a good beginner’s commentary like Henrietta Mears’ What The Bible Is All About, which I still use. 

Here are some previous posts you can check out. Just use what you like so as not to be overwhelmed.

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Book Review: Who Is This Man?

Who Is This Man?
By John Ortberg

John Ortberg’s treatise on Jesus, Who Is This Man?, is perhaps better titled, Where’s Jesus? In a sweeping look across American history, we’re shown the overarching influence of Jesus’ ministry in our current values, philosophies, and culture, in almost a guessing-game of how to spot Jesus in our daily lives. Every chapter follows the same premise, showing how Jesus shaped feminism, government, art, morality, and our great human story.

Both Christians and the unchurched can overlook how big of an influence Jesus actually has on our global society. John Ortberg extrapolates backwards from values we take for granted today to a time when such values were a mystery, and how Jesus planted the embryonic seed to get it rolling.

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