Question: When You Are More Burdened With Yourself Than People You Serve

Anonymous asked:

Hi JS Park. Do you still struggle with moments of depression that cause you to just not want to do anything? And moments where you are burdened more for yourself than other people, esp as a pastor? If so, how have you approached this specifically w/ prayer and reading and other practical tactics?

I ask because it’s hard for me to wake up in the morning and want to do stuff, despite the fact that I have an awesome job that puts me on the front lines of serving people overlooked and failed by society. Thanks 🙂

(Edited for length, and I made you anonymous just in case.)

The short answer is: Absolutely positively unequivocally definitely yes.

While I know some ministry workers who never struggle with depression, this has been a lifelong battle for me.  Even great men of God like Luther, Spurgeon, and D.L. Moody have suffered from chronic depression.  Most people don’t take it seriously unless they’ve actually struggled with it.  It’s not something you can talk yourself out of, nor are most ever “fully cured” from it.  It’s really a day-by-day thing to prioritize truth over our feelings.

But the bigger question you’re asking is: How do we deal with ourselves before we deal with the people we serve? 

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Quote: Great Story

If you’re discouraged, remember your Great Story. We were made by God but gave Him the middle finger, so God in response sent His Son Jesus Christ who gave up paradise and dropped down into human history as a perfect, sinless, healing savior born of a virgin, absorbed the wrath you deserve for your sins on a dirty Roman cross, jumped out the grave like a boss, flew up to Heaven with a promise to come back with 100 million angels, and gave you His Spirit to make it in this crazy upside-down world. He loves you, He’s got a purpose for you, and He loves you in your sleep. Wake up in the morning and let that hit you like a freight train. You only need to believe.