Sola Comida

Today I ate a meal by myself at this quaint Cuban restaurant and I intentionally cut off all devices. Didn’t look at my phone, a laptop, or listen to music. I ordered arroz con pollo with black beans and platanos plus hot bread and butter.

It must have been forever since I did this because I suddenly remembered what food tasted like. The texture, the aroma, the satisfaction of finding a new piece of chicken under the rice, rationing out your sides with the main portions, that slight reset button when you drink ice water. I forgot how fun it was to just eat.

All this time, because of my shiny little stuff, I had been on autopilot eating meals without thinking. Like a zombie. Today it was just me and the food, unconnected to the world, savoring every bite of hot sauce-covered pollo. It was actually pretty intense.

I thought about all the other things we do half-invested, all-distracted, not really present, minds behind us. What else have I been missing? Because simply living is different than being fully alive. Wherever I am, I want to be there, completely.

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