Question: So What About These Street Preachers?

Anonymous asked:

What do you think of street preachers. I often feel like the worst Christian because I could never do that.

First: there are so many kinds of street preachers, so it really depends on what you mean.  They range from the very sincere person with a Bible downtown trying to answer curious questions to the End Times guy with a painted sign and a glass eye to the Turn-Or-Burn “preacher” who yells hell at everyone to the soft-evangelism dude with ice-cold water bottles to the megachurch self-promoter who is selling some discount gospel. 

We don’t know their motives, though sometimes their methods expose them.  I do believe at least some of them earnestly pray over what they’re doing and want people to be saved.  No matter how you cut it, it takes a certain amount of bravery (or foolishness) to be so vulnerable among strangers. 

I’ve known friends who have gone out near the nightclubs with a Bible to pray over people and talk about Jesus, and I really think that’s an awesome, admirable thing to do.  That takes a specific calling, tons of prayer, and a discipline to be out there.  They always come back a little worn out, but at the same time there’s this unavoidable joyful peace in having done the Kingdom work. 

Secondly, my friend, please never ever compare yourself with some other Christian’s calling.  Comparing yourself with others is just a sick stranglehold that will only hurt you, and I know too many people who never feel like they measure up to the ridiculous standards they put on themselves. 

I understand why you might do it: it’s human nature and we live in a culture that constantly contrasts people as if that’s some kind of motivation. Maybe parents or your peers or your church infected you with the idea of “Look at him, he’s so ahead.”  I totally get that, and to some degree, we might never be free of it.

Please know: God made you you. Not anyone else.  Not a megachurch pastor, a celebrity singer, a multimillionaire, or a street preacher.  If God wanted you to do any of that, awesome.  If not: awesome.  So someone sings better or looks prettier or swims faster.  Who cares?  By our arbitrary standards, someone else will always do it better than you.  So be free of the lie of jealousy: it forces you to impossible self-satisfaction, and that’s never the point.  God has given you tailormade gifts that are ready to be unleashed on the face of the world.  His glory is the point: and God is pleased with you just as you are.  That’s the motivation that will press you forward.

So trust God one situation at a time, obey Him one choice at a time, and you be you.  When you have that peace with Him, you will end up where God is calling you to be.  Then other people might get jealous of you, but that’ll be their problem to solve with the Lord (hah). 


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