Quote: Loneliness (Not Emptiness)

“Loneliness is a terrible fog that threatens our vision, our hope, our memories, our motion, and it feels very real. But it’s also in that silence when you feel the Creator the most: His very heartbeat that says, ‘Do not fear, for I am with you.’ Where before He was only a vague presence or doctrinal concept, He then gains shape and weightiness and extends comfort like the world never can. It is just enough to light up the dark for one more step, and though we may feel lonely, we will not be empty.”

Quote: Simple

Sometimes the tedious, defeating, robot-routine of life rips the life out of me. I forget good simple truths like: God loves me. God understands me. God knows me. God accepts me as I am. That feels selfish. But it’s more selfish to reject that, as if I could do better. Jesus loves me! Let’s keep it that simple.