It Goes On

There are some things we’d like to take back which are now irreversible, words left unsaid and calls not picked up and conversations left on the shelf and one simple decision gone south. Just when we put in the good work and get a second wind and roll up our sleeves, it can fall apart just as quickly. Too little, too late, as they say.

We could blame everyone else or stay in that dark spiral of poisonous self-pity, but life goes on. We could try to pinpoint where it all went wrong and how-this and how-that and should-could-would-have, but life keeps moving. We could replay key moments like a loop and let the emotions take over and bargain for the life-before-this-happened, but life doesn’t wait on us. It rolls relentlessly forward.

No, you might never get it back the way it used to be. No, it might never get better the way you define better. No, sometimes there really are no second chances, and it’s better to flip the page and get on that new chapter, and we can stop chasing backwards: because always, always, life goes on.

Things don’t stay the same, and they shouldn’t, and sometimes you must grab the leftover pieces, start again, and keep a thin slice of hope for what’s coming next. Because it’s coming fast, and there’s no time to undo dead memories. There’s barely enough time to make new ones: so move on.

3 thoughts on “It Goes On

  1. Beautiful J.S… Poignant. We can ill afford to spend too much time podering the “might-have beens”. Our life here is but a vapor and what little we are must be spent for the Kingdom.


    1. Agreed. I recently re-read The Screwtape Letters, how we’re so easily tricked to obsess over the past or future, when we must first be in the present — then our past and future is shaped more wisely.


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