Quote: Overflow

We often demand of people what only God can give us — encouragement, affirmation, strength, motivation — and we end up wringing them dry. It’s okay to expect some things from people, so long as you know they’re just human beings who thirst like you. They need an Infinite Well as much as you do. If you drink deeply of Him first, you’ll be less controlled (and controlling) by your expectations, and you’ll actually seek others not to squeeze from them but to encourage them by your overflow.

Quote: Peter

Apostle Peter gives me hope. Like that backwards I-know-this-is-mean kind of hope. Here was a disciple who was taught directly under Jesus the very Son of God, and Peter still managed to out-dumb himself. Yet he wrote some of the New Testament. He started the first megachurch. He made a wizard repent. He got orders to release the bacon for the Jews. Everything good in Peter was by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank God it’s all about the one we’re following.