Simplify: Real Life Doctrine

To preachers and teachers of the Word:

The real world can simplify things quickly. Read the news lately. When bills are stacked high and rent is due or a patient codes or you’re under enemy fire or you have a ten second interview with the press, you do not throw CORRECT DOCTRINE on top of this to make sure you’re doing it right. A full-time working, full-time schooling, middle-aged divorcee does not also throw “church and QT and small group and outreach” on top of an already busy schedule.

That’s how most everyday people see the religion-thing: like one more task on top of the tedious humdrum of life. They forget when life gets exhausting, we have a Gracious Rest instead of a spiritual parole officer. People are leaving the church because they see the pathetic bickering over secondary garbage. They need less of us and more of Him.

Intimacy with Jesus must come first, and from such a wellspring is where all life flows. If you’re throwing REAL-GOSPEL-YOU-GUYS on top of work instead of allowing work to flow from the Gospel, you’ve hit Pharisee-land. Jesus was trying to save them, too.

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