Question: When To Change Churches?

Anonymous asked:

I’m wondering how you can know if a church isn’t right for you or not.

While I don’t want to paint this into a formula, I understand both extremes we swing to when it comes to our home-church.  On one hand we want to loyally persevere through the rough seasons no matter what, but on the other hand there are legit reasons for moving on to a different church. 

Please know this is a very, very, very serious decision.  The body of Christ should never be full of church-hopping consumers that leave at the first sign of trouble.  We shouldn’t upgrade to bigger-brighter-funnier-cooler just because our home church is not “modernizing.”  There are all kinds of wrong motives to leave.  We are called to endure in a community with uniquely diverse church members that will offend us, will go against the grain, and will not always meet our picky preferences. 

At the same time, if you’ve been there for a decade and have really given it your all, there should be NO shame or guilt in moving on if you feel called.

Here are perhaps some guidelines to think through before making such a big decision.

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