Question: So About Bible Translations

amazeofgrace asked:

Hi again! So, Bible translations. Are you a supporter of any specific one that you think believers should at least possess? Or are you more like which ever one suits your fancy as long as you pray for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide? I know there are some like the Message that are pretty much so universally disliked, but yea, translations. Thanks!

Please first humbly allow me to point to this chart, which you may have seen:

While I don’t have a perfectly straight answer on this one, I can tell you that overall it doesn’t really matter.  It bugs me when preachers yell, “That NIV is so weak right there,” because that shakes the confidence of non-scholars (who are most of us) when we get alone with the Bible. 

Find one you like and stick with it.  I like some better than others, but nearly all are just fine.

God gave us diligent people to translate the books into tons of languages; it appears English is the only translation that people go NUTS over.  Most translations are good ones, and I hope the church doesn’t divide yet again over one more issue. 

To go into more detail:

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