Quote: Meantime

You want to know how other people see you, but here’s the thing: They all wanna know how everyone else sees them too. You’re desperately treading water in this vast ocean of insecurity alongside everyone else, but in the meantime God loves you. God has accepted you. God sent His own Son to endure Hell itself to win you back. You can go from floating aimlessly in the waves with everyone else to standing on the solid, firm ground of the love of God. You just have to decide to believe the truth.

— Lee Younger

Quote: Golf

Religions that ask nothing get nothing. You’ve got a choice: you can be a church or a country club. If you’re going to be a church, you’d better offer religion on Sunday. If you’re not, you’d better build a golf course, because you’re not going to get away with being a country club with no golf course.

Rodney Stark