The Age of the Google Expert: I Know Nothing About Everything

Church, let’s be on guard about the time we’re living in.

Because of globalization and instant communication, we’ve entered an era of intellectual laziness. You and I have become Google experts that can look up anything to confirm our own opinion. We are often emotionally motivated to confirm our preconceived notions from other anonymous bloggers of similar thought. So an atheist gets their ideas about Christianity from an atheist, and a Christian gets their ideas about atheism from other Christians. Might as well go to the butcher shop to ask about the growth rate of asparagus.

With globalized access anyone can claim to be an “expert,” set up a website with clever words and colorful language, and consult other so-called “experts” to confirm their feelings.

Even ten to fifteen years ago, the average person did not have a public voice. Now —

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