Quote: Groove

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that God ‘has put eternity into man’s heart.’ At some level, in the deepest part of our soul, our soul remembers, however that happens, what life was like before the fall. At some really deep level, our soul has this impression cut into it by the fingers of God, like the grooves on a record, encoding the memory of what it was like before sin entered the world. We remember, at a really deep level, that at one time we were full, and at one time we were happy, and at one time there was nothing weighing us down. Our souls are outright groaning to get back there. But the void is God-shaped.

… What is Jesus saying? He is saying, ‘I am eternal. I fill the void. I fit the groove.’ … In the end, there is nothing under the sun that brings lasting fulfillment. You have to look beyond the sun. The groove in our hearts cannot be filled with the temporal. It demands eternity.

— Matt Chandler