Question: Fighting Porn For The Last Time (Again)

Two anonymous questions:

Did you ever stumble after you decided to quit porn? or was it like going cold turkey? & what happens if you do stumble? does that mean that you’ve failed?


I know you posted a whole series on the topic, but…I feel like I need to hear it from you – how to stop looking at pornography. I know I want to get it out of my life. I am serious about that. But when that temptation comes, the moment is just so intense and I know that there’s a way out but it feels like I just end up functioning on autopilot. Open up a website, click a few links, feel shame seconds after. I need this gone from my life. It’s wrecking me.

For a refresher, here’s the multi-post series on Porn Addiction.  It’s very long and involved, and emerged out of much personal struggling with my 15 year addiction.

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As of today, I haven’t masturbated to porn (or without porn) for 265 days.  I’ve looked at porn maybe twice in that time but shut it down pretty quick.  I can’t say that I’ve “beaten lust” or remained totally pure, but as far as porn addiction goes, it’s further and further in my rearview.  There CAN be victory.

Please know that my heart grieves for you when I say this, and I got nothing but love for you, but you absolutely cannot be lukewarm about this whole thing.  If you’re 98% serious about it, then forget it.  As long as it remains some kind of option for you, you’ll go back to it again and again. 

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