Question: Why Shouldn’t I Worry?

Anonymous asked:
Hey can you tell me about worry like why should we as Christians not worry.

Well first please allow me the shameless self-promoting humility to offer up two sermons I did on that:

The Crazy You Secured In Christ, Part 4 – Don’t Worry About It

The Crazy You Secured In Christ, Part 3 – Everything’s Going To Be All Right

Some reasons not to worry then:

1) God is in control of everything.

You’ve heard this before, but worry assumes that God is not in control of a few things, which implies that He’s not in control of anything.  I don’t want to be the fool that puts in Him that position, since I don’t like the taste of lightning either. 

Deadlines, traffic, your relationship, the economy, the cancer, your mortgage, your kids, death, world hunger, your computer files — ALL these things are in control by an all-knowing God.  Nothing happens without His stamp of approval, and if you believe God is good and He loves you, then you know He’s got this. He’s got an end in mind. Trust Him about that.  If you don’t think God is good nor loving, then we’re not talking about God, but just an idolatrous version of God.  Worry about that first.

2) Worrying is not grounded in reality.

I’d say 99% of the panic-rat in the attic of your brain is making up scenarios that will never happen.  In fact, much of the worry reveals things about you.  If you think your girlfriend is cheating on you all the time, maybe you’re worried about her because you worry about yourself. 

3) Worrying doesn’t do anything.

My former pastor used to say, “Worry is like a rocking chair: a whole lot of movement but not going anywhere.”

Even if the worst case scenario were to happen, then it’s better to roll up your sleeves and get to work on it.  Worry is not an effective form of control: the lie is that somehow you can bend reality to conform to your emotional anxiety.  It won’t happen, so let that go.

4) Matthew 6:33-34.

Read it.  Read the whole chapter.  Believe that God has put you in HIS story and you’re not the main character.  People who worry also think they’re in control of their own kingdom and are afraid to lost it all.  Which is why Jesus says Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness.  

Ultimately worry is about a perverse need for control. If you seek for yourself first, then of course you’ll be worried all the time: because you’re always trying to set up a predictable, safe, user-friendly life.  But life is not like that, and you should be okay with letting life be messy. 

I don’t mean lazy, reckless, or haphazard with your resources and time, but rather to know that you can NOT always have everything at right angles, and God will give grace there.  A major point of the Gospel is that we’re secured beyond our performance, so you don’t have to worry about making the grade.  When you quit worrying about it, you actually get better.


4 thoughts on “Question: Why Shouldn’t I Worry?

  1. “…since I don’t like the taste of lightning either.” Ha! Good point. Thank you for this post. I think this was exactly what I needed to here today.


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