Maybe I Don’t Disagree Because You’re An Atheist, But Because You’re Being A Moron

Atheist and other unbelieving friends:

You spend all day spouting your opinions, many of which I agree with because I can agree with a fellow human being outside the purview of our “religious affiliation,” or lack thereof — and I love you and respect you outside of our proclaimed identities.

But the moment I disagree with you — not having even brought up anything spiritual —suddenly you become a trashy pedestrian version of yourself with predictable, preprogrammed, Pavlovian-reflex statements about my “brainwashed zealot hive mind.”

All this without addressing the actual disagreement, or without realizing the nuance of a friend who states truth as opposed to an enemy who spews hate. It’s possible to address me without throwing in the “religion” card — which you yourself have the least likely reason to do so but are so hard-up to do.

I understand you’ve met many dirty cheapshot Christians who don’t understand such distinctions, which is even more reason not to become intellectually lazy by always resorting to automatic name-calling and blanket defenses. It makes you soft, spongy, dull, like the elder walrus in the corner who lost his tusks on a Halloween candy binge.

A disagreement is not an insult to your character. If you are so threatened by an aggressive expression of opinion contrary to yours (which is no different or divisive than your own methodology), in the grown-up world we call that a “crybaby.”

I’m not trying to be mean here — I’ve hardly even begun the trek down the mean-road — but please, friends: You’re better than this, and this tactic is no better than bigotry.


10 thoughts on “Maybe I Don’t Disagree Because You’re An Atheist, But Because You’re Being A Moron

  1. yeah. this happens a lot. I wrote a bit this morning about kinda the same topic, from a different point of view.
    How are the headaches? Feeling better?


    1. I might have been unfair, but yes: it’s a bit alarming.

      So far this week, zero migraines. Thank you for asking! It’s possible I might have arthritis in my knees now. But God is good, no matter what.


  2. Sadly there are many atheists out there like that. I try my best not to be one. But, you have to remember that this is not a rant against atheists, at all – this is a rant against a specific type of person. I could make the same argument about anyone who’s arrogant / rude.

    Indeed, the latest comment on my post was “You atheists are nasty people. You ought to be shot dead. God hates you.”

    You have to realize that insulting all atheists is meaningless; they’re all different. It’s like me insulting everybody that has a moustache because the ones I’ve met (on the internet, who type anonymously – two signs of probable rudeness anyway, btw) aren’t very nice.

    I hope you come to terms with your generalizations and realize that everybody’s different. To throw everybody under one label and say they have one personality is bewildering to me.


    1. Thank you for your nuanced response. And sorry someone wrote that comment to you.

      As usual I went over the top and was indeed referring to a specific incident, used as a reminder to all. I had originally written, “The same goes for Christians-Hindus-Voodoo-Buddhists-whatever” but purposefully left it out.

      It seems you do understand the distinction here though, and that I’m not actually demonizing or generalizing an entire group of people: which would defeat the purpose of what I wrote. I was an atheist too, and would not (and still try not to) throw anyone under the proverbial bus. Thanks again for the friendly words.


      1. Okay, thank you. I’ve heard it said that labels are useful unless they apply to humans. I disagree, but the labels have to be right and not sprinkled with false connotations. 😉


    2. Felt the need to stick my nose in here and add my own apology to JS’s for that wholly uncalled-for comment on your post. Not exactly the “Christian love” aesthetic we should be aspiring to.


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