Another Prayer Request

Hello friends. I know it’s a small matter amidst bigger concerns, but I believe I’m up for another season of migraines. They stopped last summer but seem to have returned like a bad horror movie sequel.

Honestly, they get so bad I usually wish for death during them. That’s not very Christian of me, but if you’ve had serious migraines then you understand. It feels like a slowly grinding axe wound through your head. Usually I cannot see or walk when they happen, and they’ve come at odd times like in the middle of preaching (I’ve always finished even then).

I humbly ask if you would pray for strength over me, and drawing nearer to Him, and for Him to be elevated no matter what I feel. If anything, I’m sure some honest writing will come of it.

Thank you friends, and love you all.

15 thoughts on “Another Prayer Request

  1. I had to “like” this….I’ll pray for you my friend. I too suffer from chronic cluster migraines and understand your darkness. Although there is no medical and alternative remedy that proved helpful for my situation, it is prayer that allows me to endure. I received a “crown of thorns” (gift) from my bro-in-law from the Holy Land he visited about about 4 years ago. I keep it on my nightstand. Although my pain rages throughout the night, I realize, in some odd way, I get to wear the memory of Christ’s crown so I can bring it to His cross in constant prayer. My heart goes out for you and so do my prayers. God is near, Chris


  2. My grandpa would always get these after preaching all day Sunday. My dad suffered with them for years too. The only thing that helped them both was to watch what they eat (like no chocolate or caffeine) and to keep a careful lid on their stress levels. Not that those things cured them immediately, but neither of them have suffered much in the past ten years or so.

    May God show Himself to you in a special way through this time and use you when and how He sees fit.

    Wishing you were in Heaven already is a very Christian thing!!!


  3. praying for you bro! My hubby and I both get chronic migraines. In recent years I’ve learned what triggers them by watching what I eat and also getting enough sleep….drinking alot of water helps too. I just got my hubby some herbal tea at the health store and I hope it’s helping him. It was called “Tulsi, Lemon Ginger” by Organic India. It’s supposed to be stress relieving and reviving. Also Ginger is supposed to help with migraines. I’ll let you know how it goes. Here’s a link with helpful ideas:
    God bless!


  4. Thank you all for your kindness and wisdom. I definitely need to research more about it.

    Also, if there’s anything I can pray for then please let me know. I do pray for y’all and would love to know more specifically how I can pray.


  5. I suffer from them as well. I went to see a physician today who just suggested I take strong doses of ibuprofen to tide me over. I know it’s caused by stress though, which still doesn’t make things easier. Hope you’re well!


  6. Keeping you in prayer – I also get migraines but I wake up with them
    They are my “thorn” – I have asked the Lord to take them away but He knows the time
    God Bless


  7. Our prayer team will be praying for you J.S. My duaghter struggles with migraines and has just come through a seven month period of having at least two a week. She has been hospitalized three times. All that to say I feel your pain and will seek God for your healing!


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