Easter Hangover: The Day After, When Jesus Stops Trending

Fresh from the grave, Jesus was the hottest thing since sliced manna.

Thomas fell over, Peter jumped in the water, Mary ran, random angels appeared. When the Bible says that some of the 500 who saw Jesus were “now asleep,” I’d imagine some of them died from plot-twist-embolism.

But the day after?

For some, it had become old news. When Jesus ascends to Heaven — I mean striking a male cheerleader pose like Superman and flying off to the sky — we read that some of them doubted. Doubted. It’s not enough that he got up from an airtight tomb after a brutal death, but then hopping into Heaven: that Jesus was some magician.

In their minds, they had simply re-buried him. If Jesus actually was who he said he was, the implications were too staggering. So like most of us, they could only diminish Christ into wise teachings and love-peace-hope and a Sunday holiday for religious church people. Let’s clean it up with egg hunts and chocolate — which are not wrong, but certainly bizarre.

The day after: just like the day before, except swollen from rabbit-shaped candy.

Others of us get excited about Jesus on some set calendar days because it reminds us — sort of like New Year’s Resolutions or our birthdays — of what to celebrate. But you know, we should probably do that more often. The Resurrection is not disconnected from our daily lives.

If a man claiming to be God really got up from the grave: that’s like, not normal. It means he is who he says he is. It means his words are true, every bit of them. It means no matter what the hell you’re going through — literally — there’s still a final wedding banquet that’s going to top every single awful, awesome thing you’ve ever been through.

It’ll be the hottest thing since anything.

I hope this “old news” never gets old with you. Unlike anything else, he is the same everyday, regardless of how we box him up. He’s the Good News that never stops being Good, or News.

12 thoughts on “Easter Hangover: The Day After, When Jesus Stops Trending

  1. Awesome post, you hit the nail on the gospel head! If the ancients who personally witnessed it doubted a few moments after the fact why do we think we are immune from such doubts?


  2. Reblogged this on amberdover and commented:

    Had to share this reblog. May we remember the Resurrection every day because it is the foundation of our faith. If Christ had not rose then we would not have Christianity. The Resurrection changed EVERYTHING. God bless and Remember The High King Lives!~Amber D


  3. Joon, my post for today was similar but emphasized how surreal it must have felt for them the next day.

    However, I’ve never thought of Superman doing the male cheerleader pose (or Jesus, for that matter). Word pictures are awesome.


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