“Messy Mondays: You Are Not an Activist”

Agree? Disagree?

Good content but shrill delivery? Or shrill content but good delivery?

Attacking the wrong thing in the right way? Or attacking the right thing in the wrong way?

Source: Blimey Cow


2 thoughts on ““Messy Mondays: You Are Not an Activist”

  1. Agree

    good content shrill delivery 🙂 If i had a headache I’d probably have a hard time listening to this guy but he does have a good point. There are so many people about saving the planet these days but few that would actually change their life style. It’s good to help out and to support causes……..true religion is about helping the orphans and widows. But also we have to be careful not to lose our focus…..we’re supposed to make disciples…..boycotting companies that support sin is not our focus. The world is going to be worldly….no surprise. I just can’t imagine Christians marching with protest signs in Rome etc…Change happens in the hearts of men….until people put their faith in Christ and repent there will be no long lasting change.

    that’s my two cents. God bless! ~Amber D.


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