Didn’t Think I’d Be In The Hospital Tonight

“Didn’t think I’d be in the hospital tonight,” and so said our dear friend Pastor Han last night when he needed immediate surgery for his appendix.

It was quick and easy, about forty-five minutes, seven of us in the waiting room, a little detour of life unexpected.

On the way home I thought, What was that all about, God?

I’m trying to think of all the reasons.

As awful as it sounds, if it was life-threatening I’d probably understand a little better. Because it was such an inconvenience.

There’s a revival event happening this weekend. Pastor Han was supposed to lead sing. Most likely he can’t now. There are some back-up guys who can take over and they would do a fine job. Was it for these guys to step it up?

At the hospital, we got there a few minutes after visiting hours were over, but I managed to Jedi mind-trick the security guard into letting a few of us in. Later I snuck in the rest. No one stopped us. Was God showing us His grace here?

I farted five times in the waiting room. Loudly. Maybe God was teaching my friends some patience.

Really though, what was this all about? Just a bend in the road, a veer off the path, a designated stop? No one was really hurt, it wasn’t some dramatic thing, it was a standard procedure, just one night in and out. Why?

I thought about the seven of us in the waiting room for three hours, a group of church people that might not normally hang out together, all of us pretty talkative, at times laughing like crazy, even over my gastrointestinal interjections, making the nurses laugh, talking about everything and nothing, later gathered around Pastor Han after his surgery in a tightly knit circle with one mind to be there for him.

Makes no sense, I suppose.

God throws some weird curveballs sometimes.

One thought on “Didn’t Think I’d Be In The Hospital Tonight

  1. A lot of things we will never know the reason “why” things happen. Its just up to us to enjoy and make the most of the journey! It sounds like you and that group did just that! Thanks for posting.


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