Didn’t Think I’d Be In The Hospital Tonight

“Didn’t think I’d be in the hospital tonight,” and so said our dear friend Pastor Han last night when he needed immediate surgery for his appendix.

It was quick and easy, about forty-five minutes, seven of us in the waiting room, a little detour of life unexpected.

On the way home I thought, What was that all about, God?

I’m trying to think of all the reasons.

As awful as it sounds, if it was life-threatening I’d probably understand a little better. Because it was such an inconvenience.

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Quote: Disfigure

Fame, fortune, and adulation are generally based on measurements that serve only to disfigure reality and make the imagination king over common sense. Common sense ought to tell us that there is no guarantee that a person with a gifted voice and musical genius is any better a person than someone who cannot sing or write music. Common sense ought to tell us that a world without heaven or hell in the future generally leads to one or the other in this world. But a gifted voice and an errant imagination can angle a lie to fit into the worldview one wants to believe.

— Ravi Zacharias