Quote: Earnestly

I do not pray that you may be delivered from your pains, but I pray God earnestly that He would give you strength and patience to bear them as long as He pleases.

I did not pray for any relief, but I prayed for strength to suffer with courage, humility, and love.

— Brother Lawrence

One thought on “Quote: Earnestly

  1. Reblogged this on sparrowinflight and commented:
    This quote reminds me of one of the last chapters of Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love. Instead of praying for protection or that things will be okay, pray God would move in the situations you are presented with. Ask for growth and for strength to face the growth, instead of becoming complacent in your faith. Keep challenging yourself by taking chances in your faith. God will reward us when we step out in faith for His name. When we step out for Him we grow closer to Him because we realize His true magnitude. It is truly amazing what He can do when we let Him take the controls and trust Him.


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