Question: So About Rob Bell

Anonymous asked:
What’s your opinion on Rob Bell, or more specifically, his opinions/ideaologies? Do you see him veering on the lines of Universalist or do you think he’s got some unique yet very real arguments full of substance? I’m dying to hear your entire opinion.

I was actually interviewed by the local news about Rob Bell since I had podcasted about him.

To be fair, I haven’t read his book.  I read several reviews and also Francis Chan’s Erasing Hell, all of which painted more or less fair criticisms of Rob Bell’s views.

I do think there’s been a lot of unfairness towards Pastor Rob about Love Wins.  It seems his book was more about critical thinking on a major issue of the Bible instead of an entirely Universalist approach.  Bell himself has admitted he believes in hell.  If anything, we could criticize him for some of his weirder teaching on the Trinity, resurrection, Scripture, or his strange use of illustrations like a real goat (which pooped on stage).  A lot of the critics were just grabbing a quick nod for fame with sensational news tactics. No surprise.

I’d also say that Rob Bell knew exactly what he was doing.  He marketed the book very well.  He’s a businessman, no doubt.  He was strategic about interviews in secular media.  His book sold tons.

Personally I would say that Rob Bell, despite some doctrinal differences, is still a fellow Christian brother.  I’m not quick to label him a false teacher.  Even if he doesn’t preach the Gospel as clearly as the neo-Calvinist, he’s still preaching the Gospel.  I’m not to judge whether he believes it himself.

I wouldn’t use his materials and I’d be a little hesitant in endorsing his books — a lot of discernment needed — but at the very least he’s a wildly creative pastor with a keen grasp of the culture’s pulse.  He brought more vivid, real discussion about hell than any theologian in the last century.  That’s something.


One thought on “Question: So About Rob Bell

  1. Thank You for not being so quick to throw him under the bus like so many were and are quick to do. His approach has always been to think outside the box and to speak controvercially to open up dialogue. He may have gone too far this time and will forever be labled a heretic by some. They said that about Jesus too! I too have not read the book and have not met Rob personally but it saddened me how brothers and sisters in Christ were so venemous in their attack. This mercy heart was grieved and began to intercede for him that if he had strayed into dangerous territory, that God would restore him and bring him back into alignment, I prayed too for those who were so quick to judge another. I realize that we as Christians are to judge anothers fruit and to test the spirit but it must come from a place of Love or we are no better than the world.


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