Five Incredible Sermons

Five incredible sermons worth your time.

Fearless — Louie Giglio, preached at Passion 2012 in Atlanta, GA

Don’t wait for “God’s Will” or for the next life stage or for your “real life” to start. Do something now.

“You don’t have to wait to fully participate in the plans of God. They are right now.”

Taking God At His Word — Francis Chan, preached at Passion 2012 in Atlanta GA

“If you have a desire, something you want to do, you can justify it with this book [the Bible]. You can justify just about anything with this book. … You want to divorce? Go to the Christian bookstore and say, ‘Hey, give me a book that tells me it’s okay to divorce my wife for this reason.’ And it’ll be there. ‘I need a book to tell me it’s okay to live a safe life. Give me one of those books. Give me a book that tells me it’s okay to buy a Ferrari or just live in total luxury …’ You’ll find some verse and twist it even though that’s not the natural reading of the Scriptures. … We just fight for what we desire. … We don’t really want to do what this book [the Bible] says. We want to use it to justify what we want.”

Seeing and Savoring The Supremacy of Christ Above All Things — John Piper, preached at Passion 2012 in Atlanta GA

“All my life is devoted to seeing. If I could just see! … You got to see! Your heart has to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, so that this little temptation looks like the stupid, suicidal, insane little monster it is.”

The Most Overrated Generation
— Eugene Cho, at the Catalyst Conference 2011 in Atlanta GA

This is the sermon I heard in the car that convicted me to donate half my salary. I’ve heard other sermons like it but this one rocked me. I pray it blesses you too. Please listen. Please reblog.

Overcoming Artificial Maturity — Tim Elmore, at Catalyst 2011 in Atlanta, GA

About how our generation is growing up too fast and too slow. Too fast that we want to experiment with everything, and too slow in that we don’t take responsibility for our consequences.

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2 thoughts on “Five Incredible Sermons

  1. I will in prison and seen your dvds and i found the lord because of how you put in terms that all can unstand keep it up i will forever be greatful to u my life has never been so filled with peace and love to all. with all my heart your fan
    Former inmate T23398


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