Quote: Community

The Christian community is one of the few places on earth where those who represent the full scope of human life, literally from the cradle to the grave, come together with a singular motive and mission. The church is (or should be) a place of racial, gender, socioeconomic, and cultural reconciliation — because Jesus commanded that our love would be the telltale sign of our devotion to him (John 13:35) — as well as a community where various age demographics genuinely love each other and work together with unity and respect.

— David Kinnaman

One thought on “Quote: Community

  1. I totally agree with David,  I go to Central Christian Church in Henderson, NV where we come together as “one.” It doesn’t matter who we are, were we’ve been, but that we’re here now. I love their motto: “It’s OK not to be OK,” and in the closing of the Pastors message to all:  “If God is for us, who can be against us.”  With that said, I feel very welcome there, and I feel that we have the Unity that I needed in a Church that I hadn’t felt in years.
    I used to hear, but now I am listening.


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