Quote: Confident

Christians, many of us are living lives of disregard and consequently having little impact. Despite our big buildings and our big budgets and our big publishing empires and our big voting blocs and our big events and our big numbers, we are living in such a way to be disregarded. We are making lots of noise … inside our inconsequential bubble.

We cannot afford to go quietly. Exhort and rebuke with all authority. Let no one disregard you. Because we are being remade in the image of God’s Son, we may be as confident as Christ is supreme.

–Jared Wilson

2 thoughts on “Quote: Confident

  1. I immediately thought of filmmaker Luis Bunuel upon reading your post. He was famous for saying, “Thank God, I’m an atheist.”

    I don’t believe he was really an atheist. He was just very angry with religious leaders. You should see the movies “Simon of the Desert” and “Nazarin” by him if you can, or pick up his book “The Unspeakable Betrayal.”

    Religion has become big business. You are on the right track. I greatly admire your honesty.


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