Book Review: Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?
By Ravi Zacharias

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“I have no doubt that many might well be offended by the challenges I have made to other beliefs in this book. I must expect that and will make every effort to defend my approach. Some might even consider the tone of this book too strong or harsh. That is not my intent. But it is hard not to get passionate when you read the bizarre twists of truth offered by proponents of the New Spirituality. I have been fairly blunt because I want readers to be brutally honest with themselves.” (230)

Dr. Ravi Zacharias indeed writes a searing, incisive work on the New Age movement that has invaded every facet of Western American thinking. Taking to task two well known proponents, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra, there are no minced words as Dr. Ravi utterly upturns many of the preposterous assertions given by nebulous, exploitative, “Oneness” religion endorsed by the two celebrities. We also find that such strange religion has been endorsed by us, an unwitting generation fooled by foolish claims.

I was almost taken aback by the force of Dr. Ravi’s barbs against the New Spirituality. Had I not known that Dr. Ravi is one of the world’s most compassionate evangelists today, I may have mistaken some of his writing as aggression. But I sense his urgency: he is fighting for the truth, as many of us today live in a blind fog of capitulation to relativism. Dr. Ravi’s no-nonsense clarity by itself will knock most readers out of their reverie, quickly exposing how many strange lies we have believed.

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Question: He’s Been Weird Lately

Anonymous asked:
I am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend whos parents are both pastors. He has been the greatest that I could ever ask for. But I don’t think that our relationship is bringing the glory to God that He deserves. Our relationship seems to be for different reasons. Im not sure what to do in this situation because I do love him and letting him go is something that would be very difficult for me. Recently he has been giving me signals of finding me annoying and he ignores me. I’m just hurt.

I really appreciate you reaching out to someone to get wisdom on this, because no doubt this is way more difficult than simply just “tell him about it.”

Is it though? The simple stuff can be true sometimes. As extremely difficult as it is — I can’t remove the sting of that — you still need to tell him what you told me. Ask him how he feels about what you’re feeling. You may be surprised at the results of just being straight up.

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