Elephant Room 2 – Live Coverage

Trevin Wax of The Gospel Coalition and Mark Driscoll’s staff on his homepage are covering the Elephant Room discussion today.

The discussion between Mark Driscoll and T.D. Jakes finally got around to discussing the Trinity and modalism.

I’ll be buying the DVD set to review.

My review of the first Elephant Room session is here.


Question: My Stubborn Unbelieving Friend

adjustaccordingly asked:
I have a friend who says he’s going to “get right with God” after 21 (for obvious reasons). I told him he could die tomorrow, but he says he’s willing to take that risk. What advice do you have on how to get him to reconsider?

He’s not really saying he’ll get right with God later. What he’s saying is, “This is my cover for you to stop hooking me up with Jesus. He’s nice and all but no thanks.”

Your major temptation here will be to find a magic bullet, some argument or tactical missile or spiritual uppercut, to convince your friend into loving Jesus. It’s like trying to hook him up with a girl that he doesn’t really find attractive. What you find wonderful and majestic and all-consuming, he finds trite, cliche, and otherworldly.

You’d think that the offer of eternal life and grace and mercy and forgiveness for his sin plus the joy and purpose and power of life given by the Creator God would be a good sell, but for many people the shallow pleasures on this earthly plane look better. You know, the Bible talks about those in darkness. Satan has blinded the minds of unbelievers (2 Cor. 4:4). They themselves suppress the truth (Romans 1:18). Satan has even kidnapped the unsuspecting (2 Timothy 2:26), the Greek word here literally meaning like a sheep carried off by a freaking hawk.

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