The Warfare of Discouragement

One day you’re smooth-cruising through the halls, high-fiving random strangers and yourself and soaking in the standing ovation, and the next minute you’re in the valley of a fresh oozing wound inflicted by the ugly, brutal weapon of words. You’re playing the endless loop of that three-second sentence, a fishing knife scooping out your guts, forcing your chin down like it weighs the size of the world. At any moment, in any place, discouragement can uppercut your soul and keep you down way past ten.

The occupational hazard of ministry, a wise pastor once said, is discouragement. That’s true for all of us. It’s unavoidable. It’s a fog that seeps into all our work, our words, our interaction, even the taste of food and the vibrancy of colors. There’s really no dancing around it, so we must deal with it.

At the center of this fog are truths and lies that fight for our sanity, and that war will be brought to the battleground of our emotions. We must, kicking and screaming, bring that fight up to the doorstep of our mind and in light of God’s Word. Regardless of how we feel, there’s a truth that exists. We press into it, or don’t. Press in.

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Quote: Rocked

“The gospel was drilled into me by the dry ranks of seminary. I learned it in a scholarly, theological, and academic setting. Part of that broke me, in a bad way. Because I embraced it logically.

But the Gospel is not logical. Smart bloggers who steep their minds in rich toxic theology forget about humanity, the struggle, the sweat, blood, tears, Jesus. It’s become a weapon, blunt force trauma or sniper rifle. I’m no better.

I just want grace, and to preach it with joy. To know I am loved, and that there is nothing better than to love Jesus. Loosened by love. Sharpened by discipline. Rocked by grace. It’s not logical. The cross assaults me better than doctrine ever could.”