Question: Great Guy, Not A Christian

Anonymous asked:
I have a friend who is on my back all the time about how I’m not dating a Christian and how in the past he used to be a terrible person who would date around. She tells me that God doesn’t want a Christian and a non Christian to date and that we should break up or else i’ll be sinning against God. He’s not a bad guy.. we’ve been dating for 2 years but if its not what the Lord wants I would. What do you think?

I wish I could be so nice and pandering and sympathetic for you here. Please believe me when I say I got nothing but love for you. But please also believe me that unless you’re doing everything in your power to get that dude to Jesus, you’re making a mistake.

I get it: It’s been two years. Your friend who said it’s a “sin” was not being very open-minded. You don’t like it when people tell you what to do, especially about your boyfriend. He’s a “good guy,” which I could also say about my dog, who generally doesn’t pee in the house or curse out my neighbors. I can also say that about most Christians, who generally keep to themselves and nod when told.

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