Quote: Word

The Word of God is the focal point by which all things and relationships make sense. If your job is for your glory, that’s always unstable because you can lose your job. If your job is for the glory of God and you lose your job, God is stable and you will be too. If you love your wife for yourself, you’ll act out when she doesn’t serve you. If you love your wife for God, that’s a consistent love even when she’s ‘crazy.’ If your focal point is emotions, your money, your image, your ideology, you’ll be easily shakeable because those things can be shaken.

The Word of God — the story which says you were created, broken by your choice, redeemed through God’s Son, and restored to His purpose — is the only anchor that gives you the peace and stability to persevere. His Gospel keeps all things in their right place, so you’re not foolishly fighting to elevate the created above the Creator.