The Top Ten Posts of 2011

These are the Top Ten Blog Posts of 2011. Thank you to every reader and supporter, your prayers and encouragement are welcomed and appreciated. Here’s to 2012!

10) A Christian Is Not Up To Your Damned Standard
An angry post that caused me to lose some followers, tick off some Reformed people, and indirectly caused a blogger to call me an “abortionist” and “witch whore.” I did apologize for my angry tone.

See also: I Love My Doctrine More Than Jesus: Why No One Cares About Your Theology
And: Gospel Idolatry
And: The Trend of the Gutless Gospel: How My Thoughts About The Gospel Have Changed Over Time, Part One

9) Movies That Christians Should See: The Truman Show
The most popular review of “Christians Should See” series, with perhaps my favorite film of all time.

8) Book Review: Erasing Hell
Francis Chan writes a succinct response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins, which I was also interviewed for by the local newspaper.

7) When Pastors Just Want To Quit
When your church is falling apart: no one’s listening, no one’s cares, no one’s convicted. But why it still matters.

6) It Would Be Easier If I Wasn’t A Christian – Part One
A four-part philosophical look into why we should consider being a Christian. Part Two here. Part Three here. Part Four here.

5) Why Is The Old Testament So Crazy? — Part One
A multi-part discussion about the insanity of the Old Testament. A straight reading of the OT is like a bad acid trip, with its supposedly misogynistic, slavery-endorsing, pagan-esque ways. Plus Part Two. More coming in this series.

4) How To Lose The Gospel
We tend to fear the boldness of the Gospel. Whether you’re the everyday churchgoer or a pastor, we water down the cross of Jesus Christ. Here’s how, and how not to.

3) The Beneficial God: Modern Christianity and Its Ubiquitous Psychological Slope
How the Gospel has become a Marketing Campaign for the psychological advantages of the Christian religion. Every preacher is doing it.

2) Porn Addiction, Part One: Excuses and Myths
As a recovering porn addict, this is an ongoing discussion about what porn does, why it’s “bad,” and how to quit. Parts two and three also included, and more to come.

1) The Problem With Heart Motives
A critical look into a popular teaching model called “Heart Motives,” which has a small fanbase but a rising backlash against its unsound theology.


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