Sermon Prep Time

From the Elephant Room DVD, seven pastors gave their sermon preparation time. I was surprised at some of the answers.

Matt Chandler: 7-8 hours.

Perry Noble: 7-8 hours.

David Platt: 20 hours.

James MacDonald: 10-12 hours.

Greg Laurie: 10-12 hours.

Steven Furtick: 8-10 hours.

Mark Driscoll: 60-90 minutes.

I’m with Platt here, it takes me around twenty hours for one sermon. Dude, Driscoll, seriously — you’re not human.

Review of the Elephant Room coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Sermon Prep Time

    1. Not method but I believe it was a point about delegating duties — they were conveying how much time is spent in different duties.
      The DVD is good, though some parts are better than others. The opinions are not as diverse as I was hoping for, they picked seven totally Anglo-Saxon dudes for discussion, and the conversations are lopsided/dominated by the more aggressive speakers. Still, it’s about five hours well worth watching.


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