The Bible in 90 Days, aka B90X

I recently completed the 90 Day Bible Plan, or as it’s called in places, the B90X. It took me 104 days.

Things I learned:

The Old Testament makes much more narrative sense when read in large chunks. I was able to better connect with Bible greats like Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah, and especially David. Since the OT doesn’t always explain itself, it’s easier to see recurring themes of God’s nature and work in larger sweeps. He is a lot more forgiving in the OT than most think.

I had to slow down in the New Testament because of all the rich doctrine. It was like stepping off the forward escalators at an amusement park. I actually found that after the OT’s narrative structure, the NT was a bit harder to read. Many will disagree but I’ve discovered the OT is easier to read than the NT simply because of the vivid storytelling, while the NT can read like a doctrinal commentary (nothing wrong with that, just a huge contrast). The reason people find the OT more difficult is because it can take ten to fifteen chapters to get through one or two stories. The NT can give you worlds of information in just a few verses. But a devoted reading of the OT flies by smoothly; reading the NT in large sweeps may not work for everyone.

I kept a tabbing system with different colored post-it flags. Blue was for grace/encouragement, green was life/sovereignty, orange was wisdom/theology, red was discipline/wrath, and yellow was Jesus/salvation. I was surprised (and not surprised) at how many yellow tabs I used in the Old Testament. The Book of Isaiah might as well be in the New Testament.

Most days it took about 45 minutes. This is also including highlighting, tabbing, re-reading verses, and pausing occasionally to reflect. In the average smaller font Bible it’s about 12-15 pages per day. I used a large font NIV so eye strain wouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re interested in getting the 90 Day Plan, please click here.

If you’ve done it, please share your experience!

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