Because it happened.

Since the resurrection of Jesus Christ really happened, then

1) there’s a heaven . . . and a hell.
2) we do have victory over sin.
3) what we do matters in eternity.
4) we have forgiveness before an all holy God.
5) we will also be resurrected.
6) every word in the Bible is true.
7) Jesus is everything he said he was, and is.
8 ) everyone else who isn’t following Christ has it wrong.
9) death is not the end . . . love awaits.
10) we have to get the good news out.
11) Jesus is coming back for us.
12) the actual Spirit of God lives in those who follow Him.
13) one day all evil will have an end.
14) a lot of stuff we think that matters doesn’t really matter.
15) miracles can happen.
16) he died for you and for that neighbor you can’t stand.
17) pride, self-esteem, and earning approval doesn’t work.
18) you will be called accountable to God.
19) you can be co-heirs with Jesus Christ.
20) nothing can ever take away your joy.