Book Review: Counterfeit Gods

Counterfeit Gods
By Timothy Keller

My growing interest in Dr. Timothy Keller’s work continues with his short and fulfilling book on the poison of idolatry. Using vignettes from the Bible such as King Nebuchadnezzar to outcasts like Leah to the misunderstood narrative of Abraham and Isaac, we’re shown the dangerous power of modern day idols in our everyday life. From culture to career to codependency, we’re bombarded by every created thing that aims to steal us from our true purpose: to know and follow God.

We must live for something, but anything else besides God that is first place in our heart will always destroy us. Idolatry is enslavement: all temporary things consume our thoughts and goals until we are at the pathetic mercy of its every whim. Nothing is spared: Dr. Keller covers all imaginable angles. Yet there is hope, and while this could have easily been distilled to “love God,” he brings more intellect and insight to the issue.

On the first page, the book will cut your soul. Dr. Keller lists off rich men who have killed themselves since the economic downturn of the last few years, then quickly compares idols with the Ring of Power from The Lord of the Rings. From start to finish, this is an exhilarating read that will cut you over and over.

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