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Image from Pastor Mark Driscoll’s homepage.

Mark Driscoll will be hosting a special event with former pornstar Crissy Moran, who left the industry in 2006 and turned to Christ.

**Edit: The interview can be found here.

The event will be streamed at Mars Hill Live on January 18th, 7:00 pm (PST, so 10:00 pm for East Coast).

Mark Driscoll has also written about the event in his blog post here with some hard-hitting stats and true stories.

He has also written about porn in his new book, Real Marriage.

I believe this is an important topic hardly addressed by most churches and should be openly discussed, or else we will continually be misinformed by all the wrong sources and downplay the drastic effect of pornography.

My first post on Porn Addiction is here. It’s an ongoing discussion and you can find subsequent posts there as well.

Anonymous asked:
I have a friend who is on my back all the time about how I’m not dating a Christian and how in the past he used to be a terrible person who would date around. She tells me that God doesn’t want a Christian and a non Christian to date and that we should break up or else i’ll be sinning against God. He’s not a bad guy.. we’ve been dating for 2 years but if its not what the Lord wants I would. What do you think?

I wish I could be so nice and pandering and sympathetic for you here. Please believe me when I say I got nothing but love for you. But please also believe me that unless you’re doing everything in your power to get that dude to Jesus, you’re making a mistake.

I get it: It’s been two years. Your friend who said it’s a “sin” was not being very open-minded. You don’t like it when people tell you what to do, especially about your boyfriend. He’s a “good guy,” which I could also say about my dog, who generally doesn’t pee in the house or curse out my neighbors. I can also say that about most Christians, who generally keep to themselves and nod when told.

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