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An ongoing discussion about victory over sexual addiction.

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Most people would say that porn addiction is not really porn addiction.

It’s casual use, or to calm the nerves, or it’s necessary. It’s morally better than sex with strangers, or the solution to ward off premarital sex. I’ve heard, “There’s no such thing as porn addiction.” Hollywood actors regularly admit having huge stashes of porn. Some married couples say they use it to spice up the marriage (like CPR on a corpse). When I trained to be a CNA, the handbook said to never disturb a masturbating patient. “It’s natural.”

I could recite all the moral arguments about the poisonous porn industry or the danger of lust or the power of purity, but it begins to sound like the old church lady who made you wear a quilt over that dress.

In writing this, I’m assuming you or your friend want to recover from a sexual crisis. I’m assuming you’ve been harmed by habitual, destructive, time-wasting patterns of sexual deviance. If you don’t care, I can’t convince you otherwise.  There are smarter people who can. If you do care, welcome to sobriety.

Here’s the thing: Most people who want to stop masturbating to porn don’t really want to stop masturbating to porn.

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Quote: Dignity

October 27, 2011 — Leave a comment

God has made every human in such a way that simply being human could make his presence known. For this reason, you have great dignity as a human being, not primarily because of your own goodness but because you are made of the kind of stuff that is capable of making God’s much greater goodness visible to others. This is the bedrock upon which the enduring dignity of every person is established — no matter how sinful, abused, impaired, or oppressed. Male and female from the womb, every race — we are all created in his image and likeness.

– Mike Wilkerson