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An ongoing discussion about victory over sexual addiction.

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As a recovered porn addict having been sober for a while now by the grace of God, I’d love to set up a “workshop” where I can answer your questions and share how to recover.

I pray over the weeks that you’ll gain confidence in freedom from the slavery of sexual addiction. This is no longer a problem in church, but the problem. No one talks about it. But we need to talk about it.

I went on a research binge when I first became serious about recovery so I will be sharing some of the stats and facts here. Please know that I can’t answer every question but will try my best to address them all.

I am a recovering porn addict.

This isn’t all I am. We tend to define ourselves by our failures — there’s the drunkaholic, the drop-out, the town whore, the depressed emo guy — but you can also become addicted to recovering. Undergoing recovery from addictions is good, but we all need something more.

If you claim to be a Christian, then you’re defined not by your failures and trophies, but found, forgiven, and fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

We are all recovering from something, but it’s not only from something. It’s to a greater something.

If you’re serious about overcoming sexual addiction, it can’t be about getting better for yourself. Though God allows, even commands, a joyfulness and boasting in Christ, it’s because of the last part — in Christ. He has set a greater purpose for you beyond constant recovery.

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Book Review: Chazown

October 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

By Craig Groeschel

Chazown in the Hebrew language means “vision.” Craig Groeschel’s Chazown in the American language means “success.” His work is a five star book with some sloppy two star content. It’s a Christian book made for non-Christians and made for those who do not like books. It is both encouraging and frustrating, both practical and pampering.

With some unique fonts, pictures, colors, and activities (yes, activities), Groeschel offers a practical handbook on God’s vision for your life. On a theological level it largely fails, but on the practical level it is a reasonable success. If you remove all the references to the Bible, you’d still have about 80% left for a pragmatic booklet on success. Depending on who you are, that’s good or bad.

The book opens strong with an illustration about your deathbed. It’s actually the best part of the book, grabbing your attention by the throat right into the unique voice of Pastor Craig. He is no doubt a conversational writer as if you’re having a coffee at the local cafe, listening to him expound on life.

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