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You Can Change
By Tim Chester

The danger in Christian books about change is the bogeyman of legalism. Some of the “classic” Christian literature is nothing more than a manifesto of Do’s and Don’t’s that have nothing to do with the Bible, much less Jesus. Tim Chester does not avoid these familiar pitfalls: half of his work is a brilliant call to holiness while the other half is counterintuitive to his own goals. It makes for a frustrating read that at times connects deeply but often succumbs to being another screaming manifesto. Overall though, the Tim Chester’s work, despite its “self-help” vibe, does call to a boldness in our ownership of sanctification.

First the negatives. Tim Chester, who can be a good writer, writes this book in a clinical, abrupt, academic form that never really “breathes” like one human being speaking to another. For a work of this sort, it makes for a dull read that smears together like a textbook. It’s as if Chester included all the necessary doctrine so that no one would fault him for being shallow. The result, perhaps unexpectedly, is a bunch of fluff that is neither interesting nor practical.

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Quote: Sex

October 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

Sex in porn is just a physical activity, nothing more. But real sex, sex as God intended, is the celebration and climax — quite literally — of a relationship. Godly sex is part of a package that includes talking together, sharing together, deciding together, crying together, working together, laughing together and forgiving each other. Orgasm comes at the end of a process that began with offering a compliment, doing the chores, recalling your day, unburdening your heart, tidying the house. Sex that disregards these things is hollow. It will drive you apart, rather than bring you together as God intended. If you view sex as personal gratification or a chance to enact your fantasy, if you have sex while disregarding intimacy or unresolved conflict, then that sex will be bad in both senses of the word: poor quality and ungodly.

– Tim Chester