Archives For October 15, 2011

Pure Eyes
By Craig Gross

Craig Gross of Xxxchurch, the “porn pastor” who regularly debates pornstar Ron Jeremy and evangelizes at pornstar conventions, has written the magnum opus on porn addiction. This is a singularly focused book on the addiction without any mention of morality, the industry, or what the Bible may or may not say about it. It’s a razor sharp work. It’s designed to get you free.

I was certain the book would moralize porn addiction into an argument. But no: the book assumes you’re already ruined by it, and that’s a good assumption. It dives right into the physiological and psychological aspects of the problem. There is not a page wasted on arguing on the “why” of recovery, where Craig Gross and others have written elsewhere. The methods, both physical and spiritual, are covered in great detail.

The most fascinating part of the book is the interview with a clinical professor and a certified sex therapist who reveal the physiological nature of addictive behavior. It is a serious problem: there is absolute destruction to the porn-addicted brain. It is akin to heroin addiction in both the behavioral patterns and the bodily consequences. This chapter by far was a good swift punch in the gut.

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