“Former Dawkins Atheist Richard Morgan Continues to Praise God”

Dawkins pictured left in a conference at Howard University.

From The Christian Post. I have a very similar testimony.


“More than the religious debate, it was his interest in evolution that led him to follow Richard Dawkins. Upon finding the author’s actual website, Morgan was excited to communicate with scientists and philosophers who could offer more insight into evolution.

But rather than discussing the nature of evolution in the ‘oasis of clear thinking, Morgan was horrified to discover in his first forum that more than half of the people devoted their time saying rude things about believers using extremely foul language.

‘I don’t know if you’ve seen ‘The Social Network’ but there’s one point where a girl says to the main character ‘Just stay in your dark room and make snide remarks because that’s what the angry do these days.’’

After witnessing the discussions firsthand, the newly minted evolutionist agreed that the Internet was more a place where people could hide behind their anonymity and say rude things as a kind of therapy. Still searching for answers however, Morgan continued to be a part of the community, drawn particularly to a discussion on David Robertson’s open letter replying to Dawkins’ first chapter of The God Delusion.”

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TV Shows That Christians Should See: Scrubs

Scrubs (2001-2010)

Following a first year medical student J.D. under the tutelage of a vicious Dr. Cox, we’re treated to a bizarre and insightful world of insane janitors, callous hospital staff, dysfunctional nurses, and really dumb surgeons. The show balances laughs with pathos as we, to our surprise, care for the outcomes of these very weird people.
Starring Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes, Ken Jenkins, and Neil Flynn.

Questionable Content:
As with any television show, there are many worldly ideas entrenched in the language and behavior of the cast. Shows like this are not always good authorities on dating, leisure, career advice, friendship, or even communication. This is also a strength, however, as severely flawed characters reveal our common nature.

Why You Should See It:
The best television shows hold up a mirror to your face and expose the big ugly mess. There are times when I hated J.D. enough to stop watching the show, until I remembered I had done some of the very same horrible things he had done: betrayed friends, lied my way out, settled for less, cheated, stole. One of the hardest scenes to watch is when the nurse Carla faces off J.D. in the rain because he has badly hurt her; we’re on Carla’s side but we get J.D. too. He has nothing to say but sorry. We’ve been there. We commend him for staying as silent as possible.

If you’ve read that and think the show is a drama, that’s only a fraction of it. Scrubs moves a thousand miles per hour, one zany stunt after another, in a hospital environment that we only wish were true. The show is unusually aware of itself and will make fun of its own running gags and cliches; when that gets too cute, they point that out too. But it’s the moments when the show takes itself seriously that keeps us engaged: amidst the preposterous dialogue and punchlines, we care about them.

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